Monday 4 March 2013

Bounty Hunting in the Caligrase Sewers

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Received our first task from Dwark the dwarf, guild master in Illfalo Port to hunt down the Black Rose bandits in Caligrase Sewers. There were many other adventurers there upon our arrival, mostly new recruits like ourselves from the looks of it. The area is more or less in four parts, accessible in order.

Zone 1: Entryway
Slow moving zombies and large beetles predominantly lurk here, all of whom are easily avoided. After pressing four buttons the hall opened up allowing further exploration after defeating 5 slow but poisonous zombies.

Zone 2: Dark Halls
Highwaymen and bandits patrol the deeper halls, but again they follow predictable paths and are easy to bypass. Access to the next hall was blocked by a large bug catching chamber. Had to clean it out before being able to progress. Should note Thanam got himself trapped in one of the dark rooms here with a bunch of zombies. Fortunately his traps and knife sorted them out, which seemed to unlock the exit door.

Zone 3: Bridge over Drains
With stronger zombies lurking below and traps on the bridge this was a bit tougher. The high road was ultimately easier to navigate, but I needed to backtrack to search the lower drains for pieces of a lever in the muck. Giant frogs and what looked like a werewolf also lurked down here. Did not want to tangle with that for sure.

Zone 4: End of Circuit
After the bridge was a small kobold camp. Fast moving critters but again easily outrun. Entrance to the Black Rose lair was not far past this but their four man band put up a good fight when all together. Was forced to fight them separately, especially Black Rose herself (?). She looked very much like a man. There was also a beacon to return to town nearby and a path back to the Entryway.

She was quite scary indeed.

With that task complete we returned to town to report in. Not a very profitable run however. I think the elf will have to sleep in the stables tonight.


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