Monday, 11 March 2013

Wizards of Deltis Keep

Part of the journals from Wizardry Online! You can view the rest here!

We were summoned to the Ministry of Arcanum today by Prime Minister Zermu Terlu, a large dwarf with an equally large beard. Apparently they had been sending survey teams out, finding that some of the waterways in the nearby ruins are connected to "Dragoon Ruins", which may have a link to the mana drain being experienced in this land. To this end he has sent us to Deltis Keep to locate and assist the survey team trapped within. The keep itself is best described in three wings.

West Wing: Firecracker's Entrance
Home to more beetles and firecracker bandits and fighters, these people are rarely found alone making them challenging to deal with. "Mighty Dog", a porkul thief that Thanam befriended near the entrance actually tasked us to find their stash of salt for him. Eventually we did, using a key from one of their warriors to unlock the store room. Inside were horribly strong zombies but Mr. Caanon's long spear kept them at bay. Also in this area is a large executioner called Death Carrier who is a very tough fight if you are not fast with your evades. Last but not least, nearby is a "walker" (reaper) who I could detect with my magic. It's definitely a scary place!

SouthEast Wing: King Plumper's Territory
Protected by a barrier from two blue feather wizards (and their body guards), the area beyond isn't so bad. Mostly beetles and possibly a wallet frog, unless you go looking for trouble (which we did) and located another wizard and a purple air elemental who we just left alone. The main inhabitants here are the Junk Metals Highwaymen and their leader King Plumper, with whom Mighty Dog wants to initiate trade with. While Mr. Plumper is quite personable his men are not and will still attack on sight!

North Wing: Execution Chamber
The most dangerous place in the keep is right after a passage with many beetles. It is a large hall with roaming wizards, guards and another Death Carrier. Worse still is that there are at least two reapers present here. Thanam managed to find a route past and located the survey team in the following room and they needed someone to defeat "Scapegoat" who was blocking their research. Caanon dealt with him and his zombies but reported seeing a strange sorceress appear right after. He claims she took the soul of his fallen enemy before vanishing again.

Something like this!

Once the path was cleared the survey team activated a nearby beacon so that we could escape back to town, which we did in a hurry. We weren't yet out of danger though because once we returned there was a mad elven wizard named Solfus (pk) waiting at the gates attacking everyone. I and a few locals helped the guards fight him off before he vanished into the back streets. With the evil spreading even to here I can only hope Mighty Dog is ok back in that keep.


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