Thursday, 7 March 2013

Deadly Streets: Kaoka Parrej Ruins

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With Selenka still practicing her magic at the Caligrase Sewers, Caanon and I headed on to check out the Kaoka Parrej Ruins located atop a sunny hill. The good visibility helps in avoiding the many fire and arrow traps that litter this place too. Far less people here that at the sewers, and not all of them good. This area is best divided by its roads.

Main Street:
The main road has slow moving plants and even more beetles, all of whom are very slow but could catch you if you spend too long talking to the pair of friendly ghosts near the entrance (yes I'm talking about Caanon). Further in are ugly giant flies who are still outrunnable, but to get an item from a nearby carnivorous plant we had to ally with a porkul magician who was hunting them. Once we had enough fly bits, the plant puked out an orb. I let Caanon pick it up since he made me sleep in the stable yesterday.

High Street:
Blocked by an oversized dragonfly and two of its friends, the high street is not that dangerous for the cautious and the quick. One part led to a plaza with a friendly kobold who wanted a toy and the other was an alleyway with more beetles and plants with a chest. There -was- a giant spider that showed up when I unlocked the box though. Ran like hell back to high ground where it did not pursue thankfully.

Also below the plaza was a spellbound/cursed warrior who when we visited was being defeated by the mage aicu. After helping her jump back to the main road proper we setup camp and chatted a little before an evil female knight with a spear (pk) appeared and killed the poor girl. Caanon led the enemy all the way back through the traps to the entrance before luckily escaping.

Rough sketch of the villain?

Low Street:
Right at the tail end of the Main Street, this one is blocked by a group of Visitor Plants. They may be stronger but they're still slow. The true danger is that low street is full of kobolds, ones not afraid of giving chase. In numbers they can easily overwhelm the unprepared.

Side Street:
The last path, only openable after completing the high and low streets, ended with a Kobold Chieftain and his cohorts. Caanon managed to deal with them easily, finding behind them a strange black orb and a beacon to return to Illfalo Port.

Managed to get a lot of coin for some of the artifacts we returned with this time. I think getting a bed at the inn shouldn't be a problem any more.


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