Thursday 14 March 2013

Entrance to the Aria Reservoir

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Prime Minister Zermu Terlu gave us another task this week, to eliminate the bullspawn demons that dwell in the deeper parts of the Aria Reservoir. Apparently the place had long ago been sealed up, and only recently been reopened by an entire cavalry unit to help the ministry's survey team do their job. I am upset to report that Mr. Caanon and Thanam both said it was too dangerous for me to go so I remained in Illfalo Port while they went ahead. I wonder if it's because the souls lost sign board now says 75 for last month, whereas the month before it was zero?

Anyway, I decided to help out Mighty Dog back at Dimento Keep - fighting off rival gangs and the wizards that reside in the deeper parts.I was somewhat surprised when Thanam snuck up on me there later (I almost shot him with magic, thinking he was a rogue! Technically I was right). Apparently Mr. Caanon had made it through the first floor of the reservoir with his friend Quark and two other fighters. According to his description it was broken up into three major areas.

Market Entrance
Plagued by giant flies that the remaining cavalry forces keep at bay, the first barrier required a simple ticket bought from a machine at the end of the right hand hall, something Thanam said was easy for him to get. Past the barrier guarded only by a rotting nobleman and some flies, was the empty market which is guarded by cursed coins and by clouds of deadly poison elementals, and is where Quark and his team of fighters: Nyenya (human) and Porkul "Porky" were met.

Dark Horse Circuit
The next barrier was right beside a broken horse statue which the team had to first repair, requiring only a horn (it was a unicorn statue apparently) but also lot of running through dark places and from many creatures. The barrier itself was defended by a large group of knights, probably soldiers from the cavalry unit that had been corrupted be the cursed coins. Fortunately their team was strong enough to defeat them all.

Drain Section
According to Thanam the final part was another long sewer filled mainly with slimes with a final barrier that needed another ticket from a nearby machine. Only this time it cost Kraken Coins (1 for porkuls, 2 for everyone else)! Good thing Mr. Caanon brought spares as some of his allies were short. The guardian itself was a giant slime, nearly as big as the chamber it was in. Mr. Caanon nearly died fighting it, but the team managed to push past it to the second floor.

As dangerous as it is hideous.

Apparently Mr. Caanon then sent Thanam back to check on me! Seriously, I have half a mind to go in there and bop him on the head myself!!! >.<


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