Sunday 10 March 2013

Defeating the Creator

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

As expected the lumber yard was quite well defended and I found the empty van of the scooby gang right at the entrance. Not a good sign. Sure enough as I progressed I found each a journal for each member - their last before getting their brains munched out (or squished by a barrel). Some of the zombies were getting really tough too, with one badass tankenstien forcing me to backtrack a little into the chasing horde before being able to take him down. Fortunately I was getting very adept at evading zombie puke by this stage.

They puke a lot. :(

Eventually I bust into the mill itself where I cleaned up the last few brain eaters in the way before confronting Dr. Ned in person about his zombie making ways. He had turned the main floor into a surgery of sorts, and was not willing to stop his operation so we settled things via an old fashioned gun fight. Ofcourse he lost, but no sooner had I "killed" him that he revived into a giant laughing monstrous thing that burrowed into a cavern underneath the mill itself.

 I dropped down in pursuit and found it waiting for me in a sea of blood.  Fortunately he was not very agile and certainly not as tough as the tentacle beast from the vault, so after a few short minutes I exploded him into little disgusting giblets. With my task complete I returned to Jakob's Cove to report in then took a transport back to New Haven to clean up all this zombie puke and zombie pieces from my clothes. Eww.

A few days later while idling in town I received an invitation from someone named Moxxi. She heard I was a decent fighter and was wondering if I wanted to participate in her arena. I managed to beat everything the zone has thrown at me so far I thought to myself. Why not?

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