Thursday 28 February 2013

Arriving at a New Adventure: Port Illfalo

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After a week's voyage through favourable weather we arrived Illfalo Port today and were greeted by an elf warrioress named Alesche. She managed to give us the basic orientation of the bustling town before Mr. Caanon decided to go off exploring on his own while Thanam and I met with the local adventurer's guild to register for dungeon permits. Apparently it's become so dangerous out there that people need official papers to go adventuring anywhere!

Since that was going to take some time to process I decided to visit the local shops and was absolutely appalled at the ridiculous amounts of gold that were needed here. Even basic commodities like camp kits or rent prices at the inn were staggeringly high. I'm beginning to think we should have brought more coin in the first place! Sometime during my wanderings Thanam also vanished to look around I suppose. Some people just can't stand window shopping.

It's ok, I was enthralled by the number of people of all varying races speaking strange languages - especially these cute little halfling things. I'm not even sure what they're called... "Porkies"? There was a bard at the Heroes Square singing a wonderful song about a dragon who I listened to for awhile then outside the local temple I saw a sign board that had a tally of the number of souls lost recently. I shudder at the thought of becoming just another mark on that board.

At least the main portion of town is well patrolled by tough-looking and well armed guards - certainly feels safer with them around. I later found Mr. Caanon and Thanam both at the tavern afterwards, sharing more than a few drinks with the locals. Everyone certainly seemed happy. Hopefully we could keep it that way.

Some of the locals!


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