Sunday 3 March 2013

Intentional Miscommunications

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

It felt wierd going through the Crimson Lance base with my autopistol, but I was getting the hang of their tactics given the number of soldiers that kept getting in my way. I found Dr. Tannis locked up in one of the cells and she apologized for tricking me, saying she had no choice. Fair enough, given that the Lance are actually her employers. Anyway Commandant Steele has taken the key and is off to the vault but I first have to re-establish the comm array they shut down.

This isn't that hard to do since those guardian ghost things seem to also be attacking the outer base, freeing me up to get to each comm tower. Once that's done I free Tannis and she tells me where the vault is. The strange vision of that woman appears again telling me to hurry, to reach it before Steele can open it so I make a beeline straight for the marker, fighting past a small contigent of Lance troops before reaching a long descending cave. More guardian things are in here but I've brought my "lightning" SMG to deal with their tough shields. Marcus is a genious when it comes to weaponizing artifacts from the zone.

As I went deeper battles between Lance and guardian forces became plentiful, but the voice compelled me to be quick so I sprinted past them into some snowy ruins where again I only put down the foes that needed putting down. Eventually I finally reached the vault arch where Commandant Steele was waiting for me. I was too late, the vault was opening... and its untold riches were - a lie! Instead a monstrous tentacle beast emerged killing Steele and her remaining troops leaving me to fight the creature on my own.


After an obscene amount of bullets the creature finally died and the vision of the mysterious woman thanked me for my services. Damn it, this whole time she was just a powerful controller. I pocketed the now useless vault key and took my reward of empty ammo clips and numerous cuts and bruises back to New Haven via a Crimson Lance controlled teleporter anomaly.

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