Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Haunting Chikor Castle

Part of the journals from Wizardry Online! You can view the rest here!

With Selenka taking magic classes as the Ministry of Arcanum (she certainly seems to spend lots of time there lately), Caanon got us a job from a scholarly appraiser at the bustling market to track down his friend, a mage who was last seen headed towards Chikor Castle, so named because of a heroic dog that once lived there apparently. Now the castle is home only to the undead, and has three main areas of interest. For a change the traps in this place are easily detected.

Western Dungeon:
Turning left from the entry leads to stairs down into a large zombie infested hall. Fortunately Caanon met up with Quark and Vladut again along with Lydovey, a fair elven mage, to tackle the massive horde while I shadowed from a distance. A safer path to traverse the hall is to take the ladders up to the higher walkways which lead to relative safety. Alas I was too far to warn them about the pit trap at the first dark angel statue (activated by donating items to the ghost of Lord Midnight at the entry).

Caanon reported that they had fallen into a small dungeon surrounded by fast zombies. Having been injured I stayed with him while the rest of the party moved on. Past the gate, and a knight statue was another ghost who Caanon aided and she provided the key to the higher level of the castle.

Forge Level:
Accessible by turning right from the entry hall, this area contained more zombies and a large pack of kobolds. Since it was easier to sneak past, I was the one traversing this area most - mainly to contact the dwarf spirit here who held the key to the final statue which held a chamber with more zombies and a doom sentinel.

Looked a lot like those creeps in the Shalebridge Cradle.

Top Floors:
Past the forge level are stairs up to the quarters themselves which Caanon reported was guarded by an ambush of kobolds in a tight hallway. Many more zombies, butchers and statues lurked in the maze up there and it was here that we found the mage we were looking for. He had been turned into a scavenger zombie... Once we retrieved his remains Caanon focused on going up past the many poison traps until the very top of the castle which is ultimately where we found what the dwarf spirit back at the forge wanted.

After collecting the reward we met up with our absentee mage and went shopping with our now substatial funds (much to Caanon's displeasure)! It was time to get new equipment though, and he wasn't complaining so much once he had his full bronze plate armor on.


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