Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Best Cure is Bullets

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Finally reached Dr. Ned's house and after waiting for a hand cranked lift (while fighting off more zombies) I managed to speak to him upclose. Pretty sure he was Dr. Zed with a fake mustache. Regardless he said he was working on a skag-based cure at the local hospital which might be helpful against this outbreak and sent me to get it. On the way I managed to collect a bunch of corpse eater eggs for a different contract then found myself at the Generally Hospital, which happened to be on a hill surrounded by a cemetery. Great.

Nothing can go wrong.

Burned my way up the hill only to be contronted by a hat-wearing were-skag who wasn't that hard to defeat, then collected the not very effective antidote sample (since it turned people into wereskags). While in the area I also came across evidence of another hunter, a priest, who was looking to purge the evil here by himself but instead wound up bitten. Sure enough he too was a were-skag and had made a small pack for himself near the shore. Fighting them was a little troublesome since they would grow larger near death and regenerate to full, but with quick feet I was still able to turn all of them to ash before they could spread their disease any further.

Also on the shore I encountered more flocks of corpse eaters and skelerakks (starved rakks) which I eliminated before returning to Jakob's Cove. Back in town the local Claptrap had been hacked (by Marcus) informing me that Dr. Ned is not who he says he is (the mustache didn't give it away or anything) and that he has a secret lab nearby. I go to check it out and it is a little boat... with coordinates. I punched the go button and soon found myself pulling into an underground facility. Dead Crimson Lance bodies nearby did not bode well.

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