Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ghosts and Monster Trucks

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Descended into an archaeological dig today, after eliminating more bandits top side and found a new and scary type of mutant. Actually they are so otherworldly I think they really are aliens. These ghostly "guardians" were quite scary to behold, and pretty tough to put down since they had some form of protective aura. Fortunately they only had close range blades to attack with giving me enough time to work out that their weakness was lightning. Without their shields they went down pretty quick.

Not as scary as this Guardian though (for the wrong reasons)!

After defeating them and turning in the now unguarded artifact for reward it was time to go face Mad Mel, who I encountered in a large circular domed arena. As the remainder of his mounted gang poured in to fight I shot them to pieces until Mad Mel himself, driving an armored truck appeared. Took awhile to penetrate that armor but eventually even he exploded into a firey ball of death, and it wasn't long before his remaining crew met a similar fate.

Having cleared the road I then continued into New Haven, where I finally meet Scooter - the guy who gives me all my rides, and mayor Helena Pierce. It looks like Dr. Zed has moved shop to here too and I don't blame him. At least there are other people here, unlike in Fyrestone which now has a population count of zero, unless you count the Claptrap.

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