Wednesday 13 February 2013

Let the Cleansing Begin

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Though Claptrap took a missile to the face and needed repairs, the raiders were beaten back easily enough. I also met what seemed to be the lone inhabitant of the town, Dr. Zed and helped him out by repairing a few local machines and killing a few mutant dogs they call "Skags". In return I got a personal defence shield which. while apparently is common here, is amazing tech for me. I also meet a nearby blind, one legged hermit named TK who I'm surprised is still alive, given his injuries. I helped him too by retrieving his food stolen by the Skags, and then going to a nearby valley to collect flowers, kill the skag that took his leg, and exterminate a small bandit group led by Nine-toes Three-balls.

Says so right here.

The freak was pretty tough, but I put him, his pets, and his mutated bandit minions down like the dogs they lived with. Also encountered a new type of enemy in aggressive flying pterodactyls! Probably mutated vultures, these winged monsters liked to flock together before dive boming me but that made it really easy to clean them out with a full clip from my autorifle. Back at Fyrestone I also defeated another bandit lieutenant who was holding a necessary component to get the vehicle shop working. Once operational, I earned myself an awesome death machine that could crush bandits and dogs alike under its tires or explode them with the mounted rocket launcher!

Using the speed boost I jumped over a small chasm to flank a small bandit outpost that had setup a gate to isolate Fyrestone from the rest of the badlands. With a single button press the gate was opened (for better or worse) and soon it would be time for me to chase down someone called "Sledge" who seemed to be the main bandit boss figure here.

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