Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Melting Moments

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

The vision of that woman appeared to me again, telling me of a challenge that awaited me at the Trash Coast. Not sure why I listen to her, or why I'm seeing her to begin with but I just feel compelled to do so. The area is devoid of vehicles and home to large colonies of spiderants, scythids, and purple lobsters as well as a small bandit camp. Travelling on foot is so much more dangerous with all the burrowing scum but I eventually reach the "challenge" the woman spoke of.

A Rakk Hive. Funny to think that all these giant birds live in a giant four eyed bovine. I took great delight in slaughtering it and taking another artifact piece from it. Decided to complete my other tasks here before leaving too, including slaying a scythid boss bug called Bleeder, rescuing Earl's best friend Skrappy (which turned out to be a skag) and luring spiderants onto the bandit base.

With that done I returned to Dr. Tannis and gave her the next piece. She informed me that the final one was with the bandit lord Baron Flynt. First I needed to rescue her claptrap from Old Haven to open the gate. This turned out to be much easier this time around since I had found an autopistol that fired corrosive ammunition. The Crimson Lance soldiers were literally melting before me, and it wasn't long before I not only saved Patricia's claptrap but also saved another damaged one I came across.

I turned them into these.

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