Sunday, 17 February 2013

Auto Duel

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

With Sledge out of the picture I'm cleared to exit to the next area but before doing so I finish up the tasks here, including retrieving some smokes, removing skulls from another bandit camp and blowing up the main pipeline at the mining facility. Hah, should have done that first as it probably would have killed Sledge outright! Anywho, with this zone finished up I drove out to the great desert expanse of the Dahl Headlands where I learn that the bandits are rallying behind a new boss named "Mad Mel".

His Wanted Poster - Probably

Also, the bandits now have rides of their own which makes driving around the expanse more interesting with vehicle to vehicle combat. It doesn't really stop me from freeing a captive at their gas station though, nor from doing the other "side" missions in the area most of which involve fuel and transportation - turning pumps on for the good guys and destroying tanks of the bad guys and also clearing out a race track of yucky beetle things and putting down an overgrown skag.

It did get interesting when a group of Mad Mel's car bandits wrecked my car though, leaving me to fight four of them on foot. Fortunately I'm a really good shot with my sniper rifle and the explosive rounds easily tore them to pieces. Did not like the long hike that followed after though.

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