Wednesday 20 February 2013

Things Great and Small

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

After jury rigging some generators around town I decided to head to a nearby cave named the "Tetanus Warrens" to handle the local bandits in the region. More of those yucky bug things were in the way and in the cave itself was a new type of bug - spiderants. Like the skags all their armor is up front leaving them weak to flanking maneouvers.

Anyway my main target here was the midget boss King Wee Wee. LOL. He certainly packs a punch with his alien sceptre and could take a lot of hits for a little fella though. Once he was taking a dirt nap I returned to town with a whole bunch of crystals I gathered there to turn in another quest when Scooter asked me to go back to check on TK Baha back near Fyrestone.

Having re-established their fast travel network (controlled teleportation anomalies, very impressive) getting back was easy, and I found the blind cripple inside his house, hanging upside down from a ceiling fan with blood pouring out of him. Seems some psychos finally got to the silly hermit. Before returning to report my findings though there was something else I had to hunt here - a giant firebreathing rakk! It took awhile but the mounted machine gun on my vehicle eventually put the critter down.

Those hours of dino-beatdown finally paid off :P

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