Thursday, 14 February 2013

Steroids aren't the Key

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Spoke to an old miner who knew of how to get to Sledge (the bandit was holed up in an abandoned mining complex) and helped him out by clearing out some bandits and a flock of those pterodactyl thingies called "Rakks" (presumably due to the noise they make) at a nearby Windfarm. Unfortunately the mine key I was hoping to find there was absent, having been moved to their hideout in the nearby Arid Hills. I had to crawl through a pipe to reach that area, leaving my ride behind and what I first noticed is it seemed the baddies grew bigger over here - even some of the mutated bandits were near ogre size, though that just made them easier to hit!

It was their numbers that were proving troublesome, especially since most of them were now also wearing personal shields. Found myself backtracking a bit to resupply my quickly depleting ammo and good thing too, because not much further in I ran into a pair of horrible dogs - one spitting fire and one lightning. I had to sprint back to high ground (in this case, the roof of a house) before unloading pretty much all my reserves into one of them. Shooting them in the mouth really damages the critters it seems. Eventually they fell and after restocking ammo again (which is odd, given how plentiful it is here - I'm still running out) I pushed forward, deeper into bandit territory towards Sledge's safehouse - and collecting dismantled rifle pieces on the way.

Just making yourself a bigger target man.

Ofcourse Sledge himself wasn't there, instead I found a huge steroid abusing freak whose size again did him no favours against headshots so he went down easy, as did his many buddies. I also located another damaged Claptrap bot and after a quick repair job made my way back out of the complex with the mine key in hand. The respawning bandits were very keen on trying to stop me, but they didn't. My shiney new sniper rifle that shoots explosive rounds made sure of that.

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