Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Touch of Wizardry

After hearing about this free MMO on Tobold's blog, I figured I'd try it out for myself to find just how "bad" it can really be. This was obviously a mistake because after hearing the fantastic login music I was hooked, and what was meant to be a short experiment is kinda growing into something I have to make a journal for. As usual possible spoilers ahead! :P

Without further ado: Wizardry Online.

I've also decided to start up a Cartography Project for the dungeons in the game. Please follow this link to get to the maps!

Having received reports of mana being drained in another far off continent, I suspected the possibility of another elder dragon awakening. Due to the guild still needing me here though I sent three of my trusted allies to investigate on my behalf, bearing the old Shiercoin banner (Shircoin due to game limit) I once used a long time ago. These were Caanon, a giant of a man proficient in close combat, Thanam a quiet elven thief, and my apprentice Selenka - who I hear has once again been lax in her sword play and instead is pursuing the arts of magic once more. Wish she'd make up her mind. Anyway, I've instructed them to keep me up to date with any and all events there incase I need to intervene personally.

1.   Arriving at a New Adventure: Port Illfalo
2.   Bounty Hunting in the Caligrase Sewers
3.   Deadly Streets: Kaoka Parrej Ruins
4.   Wizards of Deltis Keep
5.   Trials at the Golden Dragon Ruins
6.   Haunting Chikor Castle
7.   Entrance to the Aria Reservoir
8.   Aria Reservoir: the Core of Evil
9.   Training to face Oblivion
10. Watching the Wall of Death
11. Dangerous Assistance
12. Old Sewers: New Trials
13. Lost Souls
14. Ghost Town


  1. A very interesting account of your adventures. I look forward to forthcoming entries.


    1. Something similar to this that you might find entertaining:

    2. Haha, that was a pretty funny read Quark! Thanks for sharing! :)