Monday 11 February 2013

Bus to the Badlands

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

My guildie Wro got me this game a long while ago but I've only now gotten around to releasing it from my stockpile. Since the setting to Stalker is similar enough I thought I'd continue the tale here. :)

The next morning an armored bus came into town, driven by one jolly fat and bearded russian (obviously) named Marcus. He was stocking up on supplies before heading out to the Badlands and was willing to take on passengers for a fee. Having grown tried of the miserable cold in this region I took him up on his offer, along with a handful of other wanderers. It was a long drive down from the mountains and well into the night through the mostly empty highway. Apart from the radio music no one really spoke much leaving me to fall asleep. That's when I had a vision of a mysterious woman telling me to find something called "the vault".

I woke up with a start as the bus had hit some animal on the road. Peering outside I noticed that gone were the tall pines and lush forests, replaced by a sea of sand and stone. I suspect Marcus drove through a stationary teleporter anomaly to cover the distance so quickly. Following my dream I told the bus man I would get off at the next stop which happened to be a small delapidated village called Fyrestone. The heat as I disembarked was oppresive, and it took sometime before my eyes grew accustomed to the bright light.

 As I watched the bus drive off I suddenly heard a small funny voice from the otherside of the road saying "See ya next time!". I turned to see a small box on wheels waving at the bus - a robot!

It dances too! :)

It introduced itself as Claptrap and astonished at this advanced technology I followed the little robot towards the town but as we approached we found it under attack by armed bandits. With a sigh I readied my autorifle and switched the safety off. Seems like some things never change.

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