Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sherrif of the Wastes

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Back in New Haven I picked up more jobs, one from the bus driver/gun smuggler Marcus who is upset the bandits aren't purchasing his wares! Well, I decided to help him since Taylor's "reward" for me was just a crate full of murderers. Mayor Helena wants me to go remove him now too since he poses a threat to the town, as well as a fella named One-Eyed Jack who seems to be the reason Marcus' goods aren't moving anywhere. Taylor was only a little more dangerous than his brother, having a stronger gang, stronger gun, and emplaced turrets to defend him but I still put an explosive round in his face.

As for One-Eyed Jack, he didn't see me coming when I ran him over with my vehicle for an instant kill. I followed this up by heading over to Treachers Landing to collect some freshly dynamited fish and to sink three bandit barges there before checking into a new arena in the Rust Commons East that I had missed, run by the brother of the other arena owner.

Or maybe it's the same guy.

I was expecting spiderants or scythids to be his "pets" but it turns out each round was filled with psychos and bandits. After three rounds I had killed so many of them that he no longer wanted my participation in his ring. I had half a mind to shoot the man but if he manages to lock those scum up somehow he must be doing something right.

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