Tuesday 31 March 2020

March 2020 Review: Lockdown the World

With the coronavirus exploding around the globe it's a strange world at the moment with many working from home and normally busy public areas being deserted. Doesn't bode well for my current industry but all we can do is just wait and see what happens next. This "social distancing" order has also put our board game sessions on hold, which just leaves more time for the many free games available online - though most of those really old ones from the sudden surge at GOG (because I wasn't paying attention) are a bit too dated for my tastes.

As for the bloggers among you Blaugust has come early in the form of Blapril! Go check it out as it might be something that interests you! :)

On to the task list...

    End 2020 with less weight (+4 kg from last month, running total: +2 kg)
    Make 1 web comic page (you'd think I have the time now but nope)
    hire landscapers for back yard (cancelled for now due to the virus)
    repair roof leaks (done)
    +try make a boardgame now that you "have time"? :P

How to Survive 2 [gift]
Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain [gift] (done but want more)
NWO: Infernal Descent (2/2) [free to play] (done)
Faeria [free from Epic Games] (had enough)
Horace [free from Epic Games] (second chance) (had enough)
Observer [free from Epic Games] (second chance) (done)
Farming Simulator 19 [free from Epic Games] (second chance) (had enough)
Inner Space [free from Epic Games] (had enough)
+Gonner  [free from Epic Games] (had enough)
+Offworld Trading Company [free from Epic Games] (had enough)
+Mutazione [free from Epic Games] (done)
+A Short Hike [free from Epic Games] (done)
+Anodyne 2: Return to Dust  [free from Epic Games] (done)
+The Stanley Parable [free from Epic Games] (done)
+Tomb Raider (2013) [free from Steam]
+The Lords of Midnight [free from GOG]
+Stargunner [free from GOG] (had enough)
+Flight of the Amazon Queen [free from GOG]
+Jill of the Jungle: Complete Trilogy [free from GOG] (had enough)
+Lure of the Temptress [free from GOG] (had enough)
+Teenagent [free from GOG] (done)
+Postal: Classic and Uncut [free from GOG] (had enough)
+Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire [free from GOG] (Second Chance) (had enough)
+Ultima Worlds of Adventure: Martian Dreams [free from GOG] (had enough)
+Eschalon: Book 1 [free from GOG] (done)
+Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves [free from GOG]
+Doomdark's Revenge [free from GOG]
+Akalabeth: World of Doom [free from GOG] (had enough)
+Bio Menace [free from GOG] (had enough)
+Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius [free from GOG] 
+Cayne [free from GOG] (done)
+World War Z [free from Epic Games]
+Figment [free from Epic Games]
+Tormentor x Punisher [free from Epic Games]
+Drawful 2 [free from Epic Game and Steam] (nope, no single player)

Board games:
Zombicide: Black Plague Campaign (10/11)
London Dread Campaign (1/4)
Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (6/13)
Mice and Mystics: Heart of Glorm (0/11)


One Year Ago

I began the Dying Light Diary and also said goodbye to the Foundry of Neverwinter Online. Ironic given that five years ago...

Five Years Ago

I was happy one of my Foundry quests got second place! It didn't stop me from hating Neverwinter Online's black ice design though, which has since rightfully been removed. I also made a Photo Story folder which is now defunct thanks to Photobucket, and watched a number of movies - the highlight of which is The Interview.

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Top Search Terms last Month
fish glue ffxiv
runescape enhanced fire cape
darklands tarnhelm e hanover

Sounds like people are looking for stuff in games, which is to be expected with more people working from home. Unfortunately I think this blog only has hints to the Tarnhelm in Darklands...

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