Wednesday 4 March 2020

LISA: To Build a Boat 2, the Epic Conclusion of Boat Building

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

When Brad's gang arrives at the Motorcycle crew's headquarters they are greeted by a horrible sight. All the crew save one are dead and partially eaten. The last remaining one has turned into a titan, and Guin takes most of the credit in taking it down. Unfortunately, bits of Beastborn are visible in a gigantic steaming turd nearby - probably having been the titan's first victim.

With no option but to look for more boat parts, the gang follows Birdie to a bath house he found. The door guard is a bit tough, but the mutant spiders within the maze like baths are no match. Neither is the yakuza gang chilling inside, as Stormlord zaps them all while they bathe. Brad takes their giant, oriental fan. They get lost on the way back out though and encounter a bathing titan which bites off the heads of Birdie and Olan before Buff slays it.

They do manage to rescue a child from within though, and blackmail his multi-sword wearing brother Crisp into joining the gang. Afterwards, the team checks out a large semi-trailer truck they bypassed earlier and find Satan inside. Rage, Guin and Yazan help Brad defeat the monster in an epic battle with Yazan being the MVP while Brad somehow survived getting his neck broken.

That's pretty close to what Satan looks like in the game!

With all the boat parts ready, Brad helps Fardy assemble it while his gang rests - and once it is complete promptly abandons his people to sail with Fardy to the island Lisa is at. This is because Brad is a terrible and awful person.

Insight: Rage is NOT the person to bring to the Satan fight, he wasn't very effective!

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