Thursday 19 March 2020

Enderal: Arena Upset

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Warping back to Ark from the starship, I make it just in time for my next arena match - this one against a giant undead brute, except he is immediately cut down by a Rhalata thug who challenges me instead. I beat him easily and he teleports us out upon surrender - introducing himself as Tharael.

The fight that didn't happen.

Having experienced my combat skill first hand he asks for my help in killing the leader of the Rhalata - "the Father". As he effectively ended my arena career (no one fights friends of Rhalata as win or lose they would die), I agree and start out by helping him shake down some lowlife in the Undercity for information. A lowlife he kills afterwards.

While he has to set a few cogs in motion before the next stage and because we are near the ruin of the Blind Miner, I opt to go exploring again - this time sneaking past the invulnerable Miner and clearing the rest of the massive ruin of Lost Ones as well as the hive of spiders at the very end.

Insight: I used the same solution for all the arena fights - run forward past the enemies and time stop, then jump up to the rocks on the left, which is a safe sniping spot.

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