Friday 20 March 2020

Enderal: Selection by Drinking

[Part of the Cursed story line]

While selling the loot from the deep ruin, I run into the mage Firespark again who suggests that the Grandmaster of the Keepers (the religious-militant order here) is interested in me joining their ranks and if I'm interested, should join the try-outs at a nearby Myrad tower.

I decide to do just that, meeting up with squad leader Jorek and recruits Dunwar and Calia. They aren't thrilled that an out lander like me is doing the trial, and are even less so when I rope them into helping take down a bounty nearby.

As expected, this is a stupid ritual.

Apart from fighting a few pus beetles and Dunwar executing a person with Red Madness on the road, we easily reach the "holy test site" which simply involves drinking a hallucinogenic potion. I awake back in Ark, which according to the also awake Calia is a sign that I passed the test. Dunwar on the other hand never wakes up. Turns out failure is death.

I make a note that my first suggestion for this order is that they remove the "pilgrimage" part of the test. That's just idiotic.

Insight: Pus beetle spit puts a poison stack on you. Having multiple stacks can kill you quickly so evade! On the flip side, drinking multiple health potions at once will heal you faster than consuming one at a time.

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