Friday 13 March 2020

Enderal: Firefighting

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Opting to join the arena death matches, the first battle is a rookie free for all where I quickly learn the ropes. By that I mean I find a nice rock to stand on where they can't hit me and archer my way to victory.

Alas it will take a few days to organize the next match so left to my own devices and with no more tasks in the city itself, I venture out and head directly to Lishari's excavation and meet the buxom mage. She immediately asks for help as raiders had come, killed her team and are now torching her research on the lower levels!

Of course I agree to help since I need hers in return, so we split up and what follows is a crazy sprint through a dungeon to put out fires before they do lasting damage while fighting a large band of thankfully poorly armored thugs. We are successful in both saving the info and eliminating the scum. As thanks, Lishari performs a ritual to finally quell my arcane fever.

She likes talking dirty.

Again this is not a cure, but it significantly lessens the magnitude of the disease to more manageable levels.

Insight: As Arcane Fever worsens, so do your stats. At 100%, you die.

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