Sunday 8 March 2020

Enderal: Lost Ones

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Upon exiting the ruin, things just go downhill with this strange fever I found myself with. Luckily I run into a friendly merc named Jespar who welcomes me to this island of Enderal and is familiar with the symptoms and provides a potion of ambrosia to lessen the effects of this "Arcane Fever" temporarily.

A proper remedy is much more involved, and one he'd arrange if I helped him with his current job: to find out why a magic teacher went mad and decided to immolate his entire class. Without much choice I accept. Armed now with basic gear and a map, he sends me on my way while he finishes up hunting some bandits nearby.

Damn these things are scary.

It isn't long before I deal with some highwaymen of my own and fight a Vatyr goat man. Turns out the packs of deerstalkers are far deadlier! Exploring some land marks on the way I also meet the "Lost Ones" or undead who seem to plague this place. Inside one tomb I even kill a lich with stealth and archery. A useful combination.

Insight: The AI pathing can be easily exploited by finding vantage points to fire from while melee enemies can't hit you back. They will "take cover", but you can always lure them out by baiting them.

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