Tuesday 17 March 2020

Enderal: The Journey North

[Part of the Cursed story line]

I am soon venturing away from Ark again, back towards the Frostcliff mountains and on the way try cure a farmer's wife of bellyworms - though the potion fails because the diagnosis was wrong. She had rabies "Red Madness" and killed the farmer. Sigh.

I also retrieve a stolen painting for a painter hermit but it turns out the "paintings" are people she traps in there magically - hence the work is so life like. It seems she only does this to douche bags but I tell her to stop or I will come back to end her. She agrees.

Upon reaching the snowy North I begin encountering Frost elementals and wisps. The elementals are easy enough to snipe but those wisps are great at dodging. There's a whole bunch of them with Lost Ones in a ruin that I decide to clear, the final hallway of which is one massive trap. Luckily I can use the minor time stop ability to outrun the chopper fans at this stage.

Those are some strange crystals.

Eventually I reach the shore and find Glacier hounds (walruses) who are aggressive and tough but thankfully very slow and it's not long before I find the shipwreck of the Morning Dew,  taking the she-captain's log book for Esme from her cold, dead hands. I suppose I was lucky she threw me off the boat when she did.

Insight: Frost eles have radiant cold damage if you are within melee range so have heals ready if fighting up close.

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