Wednesday 18 March 2020

Enderal: Starship Trooper

[Part of the Cursed story line]

From the shipwreck I then head East into a massive ice valley guarded by powerful Lost Ones and Starling machines!? Luckily I can just sneak past the lot of them and into the ancient Starling Starship entombed in the glacier.

Would have been nice to see this vessel in its entirety.

Inside I meet Pahtira again (guess she is sneaky too), and help her collect a power source from the vessel while fighting off Starling machine spiders, Starling centurions, and a handful of frost spiders that had nested in the vessel.

All goes well, until Pahtira enacts her "surprise" plan to transfer her consciousness into one of the Starling centurions with the belief that a robotic body is superior to her flesh one. She decides to see just how powerful she has become by fighting me!

The answer is pretty powerful, but also very slow. As an archer she has no chance to catch me while I dart around the room and disable her mechanized form. It's pathetic to see a big robot beg for mercy so I unplug her (she's now in soul gem form) and keep her in my pack - which is an odd place to put a prisoner.

Insight: The game rewards exploration! Collecting magic sigils gives XP while Ice Claw mushrooms permanently increase your carry weight by one.

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