Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Questions fom the Brink

Brinkofgaming has a question of the week thing and since he's accumulated a few I thought I'd cherry pick the ones I wanted to answer. :)

1. What is Your Biggest Non-Gaming Interest?

Boardga... uh.. music. Yes. Music. That's non-gaming. :P

2. Who is the Most Obnoxious Character in Gaming?

Without a question - Claptrap, the robot from Borderlands.

3. How Much of a Game Do You Usually Complete?

Usually the main story at least, unless I end up hating it. Extras if I really like it.

4. What is Your Favorite Video Game Boss Fight?

Baphomet in Neverwinter Online. Straight to the point, no adds and can be finished in seconds.

5. What Game Would You Like to See Remade?


6. How Many Games Do You Typically Play Concurrently?

Three at max, any more and I start losing player skill across the board.

7. What is Your Favorite Video Game Series?

Given I have so many of them: Assassin's Creed. More good ones that bad ones so far.

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