Wednesday, 15 January 2020

The Cursed: Severed Hand

[Part of the Cursed story line]

The aptly named tower is in the shape of a giant hand reaching skywards, but gone are its elven creators. Instead it is now home to an army of orcs who have also done a great job sealing up the haunted half of the tower. It doesn't matter much to the team however, as they end up cleaning out all the floors to gain the aid of the elven lich residing at the top of the middle finger.

Not subtle at all.

Upon finally gaining his assistance, the e-lich uses the scrying orb and recognizes the location where the "cold evil" is coming from - Dorn's deep, once a stronghold of the dwarves. He teleports the team there where they immediately run into Neo-Orog defenders guarding the cave entrance.

The inside isn't much to look at either, with ettins and myconids dominating the massive cavern. It isn't long till they find recognizable dwarven architecture however, in the form of a small fortress filled to the brim with neo-orogs and drow mercenaries. Reise and Cristiana make good use of summons and haste to wipe them all out.

Insight: The "palm" level of the tower is a safe zone for resting purposes, and it's not too hard to get up there if you just gun for the stairs up each time.

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