Thursday, 30 January 2020

Sekiro: You're gonna die more than Twice - Boss Fight Tips (Part I)!

A continuation from my first set up tips (go LEFT), here are some early boss centric strategies to help you get through. Note: this is mostly in the order of when I beat them and will probably have most Sekiro vets rolling their eyes:

Headless / Shichimen Warrior / Anything that oozes Purple Terror clouds - Stay away or run past. Seriously. They use -cheats- deadly terror. Might come back to them later if they become mandatory.

Sword General 1 (optional) - this first mini boss after the tutorial is all on his lonesome and near a shrine. Sneak up from his LEFT for a back stab and then practice your fighting techniques that you learned from your training partner back at the Dilapidated Temple (go back and look for him if you haven't located him yet).

Chained Ogre - watch him get free then run away to a rooftop. When he gives up and slowly walks away, backstab him to complete 50% of the fight. The rest is dodging practice (remembering dodge forward is valid too). Worthwhile noting that jumping isn't useful in this fight.

Sword General 2 - comes with cronies but is much the same as the first sword general. Stealth kill all his goons first (using tall grass on the LEFT) then open with a backstab. It might be easier to start this from the Underbridge valley shrine. How to get there? Stealth/Run past their camp to the broken bridge and jump down to the LEFT.

Giant Snake - this is all about Tip #3 and Tip #4. Look around and advance quietly (often to the LEFT) if you can, but in the open run like the wind. You can treat this more as a QTE than a fight.

Shinobi Hunter in the Past - getting to this spear guy is just as annoying as fighting him. Once you've unlocked gate on the main road you can at least skip most of the mobs on the way. You'll still need to deal with two shield guys though so make sure you have the axe (found in the flaming village) at the ready. Use the long grass to then murder his buddies and then backstab him. Afterwards, I hope you've been practicing your Mikiri counters. :/

If you like, you can skip him for now by going LEFT over the river into the burning castle area, and eventually run into the Fat Drunkard.

Fat Drunkard in the Burning Courtyard - use the LEFT house to backstab all of his goons one at a time (two if lucky or you have the axe weapon), then run all the way back into the lake - ensuring not to enter via the middle until he loses aggro. Once he's alone, backstab him to complete 50% of the battle then lure him down the middle path to the lake and have the friendly NPC there take his aggro. Whack his back (carefully) until he dies. Done properly, the NPC ally will survive too!

I AM HORSE GUY - despite his size and all logic, you can actually parry  his attacks. Buy the fireworks tool to help out  (two merchants before him sell it, one on the hill next to the mom and son, the other near the gate to the chained ogre) - time it during his charge or his rest to startle the horse for free hits. Always grapple him when he turns too so that you're in his face.

Flaming Bull - is a good lesson in NOT locking on to the boss. And also, screw dodging. You can run faster than dodge. If you look at his arena, it is a small L shape and that corner is very handy, as are firecrackers (just like the horsey). Get him into a wall and get behind him to wail on him. If he starts to look at you firecracker his face and maneuver again.

More to come soon!

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