Thursday 16 January 2020

The Cursed: Big Bluff

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Inspired by the error made by the museum salamanders, Farcol manages to bluff the frost giant jarl into surrendering his authority and basically letting the team raid the frost giant camp unmolested. He wouldn't budge on giving up his slaves though, so a rescue operation commences - one that only goes side ways since another servant of Auril arrives with goons to hunt them down.

It is a tough fight and one that attracts the attention of the big guys... who turn out to be wimps. With this new knowledge, the team returns to the frost giant base and exterminates them all. They then follow the slaves out to a plateau with a path leading down the mountain to freedom - and a cavern leading to the next area of Dorn's Deep. They pick the latter.

Don't let their size intimidate you.

Now instead of frost salamanders they face their fire kindred (with a flame aura), as well as axe throwing suits of armor that never seem to miss! The party slogs it out along the edge of the area until they stumble upon salamander controlled lava mines. Despite being more plentiful here, the salamanders are much easier to handle without their axe guardians.

Insight: Ugh, those axe armors suck! Prepare for some serious micro management as you'll want to still kill the fire salamanders at range while switching to crushing weapons against the armor guardians. Slashing and piercing weapons don't work well against them.

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