Saturday, 18 January 2020

The Cursed: String Cutter

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Beyond the lava mines is an encampment of fire giants, who turn out to be just as stupid as their frost counterparts and let the team wander around freely. Unfortunately their elf chick leader isn't so gullible and orders an attack straight away, leading to a massive melee which eventually involves the many elementals lurking around nearby.

Somehow the squad is victorious and after resting up, Reise decides to turn everyone invisible for scouting the next area. Good thing too, as it is a temple filled with undead summoned by five mind controlled clerics of Ilmater. None of them see the party sneak past to destroy an evil icon at the very back which frees the clerics and insta-destroys the undead without a fight.

That's a lot of bone golems...

The clerics are ashamed of their actions, and inform the team that two more mini-bosses, lieutenants of "the master", need to be defeated before the stairs at the back will open to his lair. "Then we go hunting," confidently announced Sofie.

Insight: Invisibility is fantastic and like in the above example, can cut down game time and difficulty tremendously. Also worth noting that unless you talk, attack or get dispelled, it lasts for 24 hours. No need to rush, especially if your mage does all the talking (then s/he can recast it on themselves).

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