Saturday, 11 January 2020

The Cursed: Cold Turkey

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Olchyr and Farcol finally located the warriors Tharmun and Farien, the last surviving servants of an old enemy, at the frosty town of Easthaven. After all this time it turns out they needn't have bothered as the warriors were far from the threats they once were, being reduced to killing vermin at the local inn for lodging and food which seemed to be very scarce in these parts.

It's a cold place...

Just then a pair of women entered the establishment, step sisters Lucia and Sofie who were looking for extra hands to help locate a missing supply wagon. Farien and Tharmun immediately volunteered, and when Lucia pointed out Olchyr and Farcol they too grudgingly accepted.

Reclaiming the stolen supplies and turkey meat from some nearby orc caves turned out to be a good team building exercise, earning them recognition upon returning to town. Winter was certainly settling in early this year though, so when invited to partake in a large foraging expedition they quickly agreed.

Insight: There's some decent XP in town that involves minimal fighting. Be sure to visit everyone!

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