Thursday, 16 January 2020

The Cursed: Museum of Stupid

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Finding secret stairs down from the fort, the team soon find themselves in a massive mausoleum - home to another undead army, this time controlled by a lich. They aren't too tough, apart from the fact that the lich continually revives himself which sends Naryu into a pissing panic each time.

It takes a while before Farien finally finds the lich's phylactery and destroy it, ending the threat for good and unlocking the cavern ahead... which leads out to a glacier!? Once it is cleared of all the ice trolls and yetis, the team enter what seems to be a museum to find it occupied by frost salamanders and their slaves.

They don't look this cute.

Fortunately the salamanders mistake the team to be servants of the "master" and let them scout the place freely, making it easy to subsequently use summons and strategy to wipe them all out and free the captives. They say more of their number were taken to a cave just across a nearby rope bridge though, so the team head there and find it to be the home of a frost giant clan, the same ones that caused the avalanche at the start!

Insight: Frost salamanders have a damaging aura of cold, so try kill these from range as well.

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