Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Costume Quest

When your sibling gets abducted by candy hoarding monsters, it is up to you and a few random people you run into to go to the rescue! While the monsters are scary (er, no they're not) you can fight them by manifesting the "real versions" of the costume you wear!

Battle mode activated!

This kids game is actually pretty simple, cute and surprisingly entertaining. Each costume (some of which you must build) has it's own functionality, and for the most part the turn based combat is quick and interactive enough to be fun - though it just comes to the edge of being repetitive. All the while you'll be collecting candy yourself to trade in for battle stamps which open up your options in combat. 2-ply toilet paper is fantastic! :P

Only the end bosses of the main game and DLC may defeat you the first time but as long as you gear up to be more durable rather than your usual "quick win" setup, you should be fine. While some exploration is annoying, it's mostly a fun game appropriate for kids or kids at heart - I give this one 3 candies out of 5.

Insight: Use the knight's shield to block anything falling from above - like water!

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