Wednesday, 28 November 2018


It's always odd to talk about real life products, but hopefully this might be of help to someone.

Ever since I had my appendix removed over 10 years ago (thanks to eating McDonalds for lunch daily for 2 years - yeah, don't do that), various people have commented that my hair seems to be thinning. It's not that I'm bald or have that genetic disposition, but my hair is fine/thin compared to my brother DL.

It's a strange phenomenon, having full hair but still being able to see your scalp outline. Anyway, a month ago the barber suggested I try Activance since it worked for his wife - and because it's super easy to use I said "sure, why not". The application is dry your hair after a shower, massage some Activance in the desired spots, comb it, and leave it.

It does make your hair look wet for a bit afterwards (though if you could rock a mohawk or pompadour then you don't need Activance anyway). Some people have already noticed the difference so that's pretty positive. In case anyone has a similar issue, this one might be worth a try. I use the blue coloured bottle "Total Hair Health Hypoallergenic Leave-in Treatment" version.

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