Saturday, 3 November 2018

The Princess Bride

Review this movie? As you wish!

The majority of this movie is a tale told by a grandfather to his grandson, which is a nice blend of fantasy romance comedy. It tells a tale of true love and more importantly, is highly entertaining to watch!

Especially this fantastic duel!

This is in the era before computer generated effects, so it resorts to the more relatable stunt and prop methods which really work for it. A good story, good acting, good comedy bits, good cinematography... this film a complete package. Yes, there are some parts that make no sense but just enjoy the ride. The low body count makes it suitable for kids too!

Highly recommended and one I'd definitely watch again. I give the Princess Bride 4.5 fencing duels out of 5.


  1. You haven't seen TPB before now? Inconceivable!

    And yes, that word *does* mean what I think it means. . . .

    1. I did see it a long time ago, but my wife hadn't and I had a similar reaction to yours so I promptly made her watch it with me. She loved it. :)