Thursday, 22 November 2018

The Great Wall

It's to keep the rabbits aliens demons out.

On a quest for black powder, a dwindling team of foreigners (led by Matt Damon) go into China where they stumble upon The Great Wall manned by The Nameless Order - a color coded army of crazies who have devoted their lives to defending it against swarms of monsters. This is obviously a Chinese production, where there are lots of people, lots of nice props, and fair bit of wire work. There's a good deal of Chinese spoken too, but it's cleverly done in that you get most translated (for Matt Damon's sake).

Suicide squad go!

While the opening CGI is worryingly weak, it is really neat in the movie proper. I thought the monsters of this fantasy action film were also quite well done and well thought out apart from one bit right at the end. The story is a bit crazy but it's entertaining, and I quite liked the female lead played by Jing Tian.All up I rather enjoyed this one and would certainly watch it again. If you are looking for a "turn off your brain" action flick this is not a bad choice. I give it 2.5 magnetic rocks out of 5.

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