Tuesday, 20 November 2018

BattleTech: A Final Duel

[Part of the BattleTech Story.]

While Lady Kamea's evil uncle is taken into custody and sent for trial, Lady Victoria is not so easily convinced to surrender - still holding a bunch of captives hostage. She challenges Lady Kamea to a ritual BattleTech duel in which both sides will field a lance to determine their true worth. Lady Kamea accepts, and requests the Marauders to be her backup. Gabriel knows he needs his best pilots on this, especially as the previously fielded mechs, including their Highlander trump card, are still severely damaged from the relay station conflict.

With Kamea in her Atlas, she is flanked by Silverlight piloting the Orion, Rattlesnake in a stock Thunderbolt and Gabriel himself in the Battlemaster as they enter the arena. Lady Victoria is in a King Crab, supported by a Jagermech, Cataphract and an Awesome. While the Marauders go left and take care of the Jagermech and Cataphract while luring Victoria's King Crab by slowly damaging it with LRMs, Lady Kamea has difficulty against the Awesome on the right.

When Gabriel realizes that the King Crab is getting too close with it's deadly close range weaponry, he knows there is only one thing to do. "Rattlesnake, take care of the Highlander for me," he orders over the comms as he charges Lady Victoria, drawing fire from his team mates. She blasts limbs off his mech as he does so, but he somehow still reaches her for a headbutt before she finally unloads everything she has on him. Everyone screams as he explodes into blinding array of light and scrap metal.

The sight finally galvanizes Lady Kamea who eliminates the Awesome then flanks her cousin for one final alpha strike to the rear of the King Crab and coring it, killing Victoria once and for all. In the aftermath, Lady Kamea Arano is crowned queen of her people and her coronation also doubles as a remembrance for those who died getting her to the throne.

Long live the Queen!

As for the Marauders, Kid is reunited with her family and leaves the company.  Rattlesnake being the most veteran is now in charge and pilots the Highlander as Gabriel requested while his wife Silverlight rides the Atlas Lady Kamea once used. Unable to settle the life debt to Gabriel, Charybdis stays on with the Marauders as does El Duce, ready for whatever adventures come at them next.

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