Sunday, 18 November 2018

BattleTech: Skill beats Gear

[Part of the BattleTech Story.]

By the time construction of the low gravity pool on board the Argo was done, the previously out of commission Kid, Silverlight and Rattlesnake were finally back on their feet. Based on security footage of the new recreation area it became clear to Gabriel that Rattlesnake and Silverlight were also more than co-workers and friends. He let them have their time together and took Charybdis, El Duce and Kid who was now eager to make up for her earlier failings, to fight against the Magistracy of Canopus who were raiding a planet on the border.

The Canopians brought some high class mechs, but unskilled pilots who kept overheating their bots and were easily flanked and defeated - earning the Marauders a springy Grasshopper mech. Soon afterwards, Lady Kamea made contact again - this time for the final push against her evil uncle. The first task would be to silence the orbital cannons by destroying 3 generators before her main force arrives. Leading the way in the Highlander, Gabriel took Charybdis in the Battlemaster, Kid in a Catapult and El Duce in the new grasshopper onto the field.

Artillery fire is pretty!

Being a timed mission, El Duce and Kid quickly sped off on separate paths to take down the further generators while Gabriel and Charybdis handled the defenses which now included Spider Spotter mechs who called in artillery strikes. It was still an easy mission however, as the strikes were predictable, and the defending lances unskilled. Additional defenders arrived too late afterwards, and were easily flanked by the fast moving Kid and El Duce. They stood no chance.

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