Friday, 23 November 2018

Ant Man and the Wasp

One size fits all!

Scott Lang aka Ant Man (Paul Rudd) is the only hope to save someone from the quantum realm in this action comedy sequel where he continues making bad decisions. Fortunately, this is mostly done in a way that makes him more likable which is great. Also Evangeline Lilly fixed her hair from the first film - yay!

All the actors charisma, humor and those high budget special effects and action sequences are almost enough to hide those niggly plot holes such as "why not just stay shrunk?", "why is [x] still alive then?", "magic hands? what?". The villain is somewhat weak character wise too, but serviceable enough.

What plot holes?

Despite the gloss-over treatment for the above, I really enjoyed this movie. It's also suitable for kiddies since it's pretty light in subject matter (until you hit the mid credit extra scene). Definitely would watch this one again, and give it 3.5 "other-stuffings" out of 5.

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