Friday 7 September 2018

Eador: Orongull's Rampage

[Part of the Masters of Eador story.]

Orongull and the scout Dynrigg traverse Beleth's low population shard, with Dynrigg forging an alliance with the local lizardmen and finding some transcript about 7 keys of truth that can repair Eador. Meanwhile, Orongull and his double cast ability make him lethal to the Beleth's mounted knights and a worthy enemy warrior champion who almost reaches the mage but is ultimately fried by direct lightning bolts to the face.

Your cavalry cannot save you.

Orongull doesn't hesitate to disintegrate Beleth as he begs for his life, and continues on to another master's shard - a stoic mind flayer named Oumm. Despite losing his biggest spells, Orongull's power is so great that the level 0 cantrips eliminate all opposition - destroying Oumm with barely a challenge.

The destruction of two masters gains the attention of yet another, the ancient seer Stenriya, whom both Oinor and Vianta view as a cunning liar. Nesturs takes note not to trust the old and seemingly friendly hag.

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