Friday 7 September 2018

Eador: World of War

[Part of the Masters of Eador story.]

Commander Gavion is sent to attack Doh-Gor's world of war, fully benefiting from the cheaper army upkeep the land provides. It is a huge land mass though, and soon the scout Scoarudd and wizard Orongull are recruited not only to handle the territories but to also defend against Doh-Gor's encroaching forces.

With his border guarded by tough cyclopses, Gavion's force takes some time to find a weakspot to sneak through and lay siege to his castle. Doh-Gor's troops are numerous, but fail to match Gavion's swordsmen who suffer no losses in the final battle. Doh-Gor is slain and his magic pendant brought to Nesturs.

Walls with holes are useless.

Beleth shows great interest in this artifact and offers to purchase it from Nesturs for astral energy. Nesturs ups the price to the point where Beleth is begging and then agrees. It turns out the amulet is the prison of some god, and when Beleth frees him - gains a permanent alliance with the orcs. Not that it matters, since Nesturs attacks his world of death next.

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