Saturday, 1 September 2018

Eador: Too Good a Teacher

[Part of the Masters of Eador story.]

As masters were unable to manifest as themselves, they needed proxies to lead their crusades for them in capturing shards. Nesturs found his first proxy in an untested commander named Alleon, who was equal parts brash and violent - using sheer numbers of basic troops to overwhelm the local lords on the first two shards (basically zerg rush), which were then absorbed into Nestur's mainland. Power hungry, Alleon even destroyed Oinor's forces on the second land - an action the old wizard frowned upon.

The standard battle map.

Commander Marogund, Nestur's next servant was sent to a desert shard whose theme is stamina draining combat. Marogund is more of a pacifist, (very) slowly buying out the nearby settlements to increase his territory and resources, leading to a heavily supplied force when it comes time for him to lay siege to Oinor's castle. Defeating the adventurers employed to guard it, Oinor is once again forced to concede the shard to Nesturs whose mainland now equals Oinor's in size.

Through gritted teeth, the old wizard congratulates him and resigns as being his mentor.

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