Wednesday 5 September 2018

Eador: Annoying Invaders

[Part of the Masters of Eador story.]

The wizard Phiruno competes against Oinor on the next small shard, and is almost defeated when Oinor's warrior champion Tharmun and his lizardman force manage to snake their way to Nesturs stronghold! Fortunately the adventurers hired to defend the place are worth their salt, driving Tharmun away.

Phiruno then makes use of the integrated Holy Lands to bypass Oinor's defenses and destroy his castle, achieving victory. His task isn't complete though, for as soon as the shard is captured, Doh-Gor attacks Nesturs mainland! On the defense, Oinor has the advantage of seeing through the fog of war but still needs to build up the capital and recapture territories again. Annoying.

Scout Faeris is recruited to help manage the populace (and even manages to ally with the rich halflings) while Phiruno learns a great AoE spell called Stone Rain. They once again leverage the Holy Inquisition for passage, and both manage to smash Doh-Gor's centaurs and arrow tower guarded castle, driving him off Nestur's mainland.

A better example of OP magic.

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