Friday 21 September 2018

Chronicles of Riddick

"He's the holy half dead who has seen the underverse."

How Karl Urban said that line with a straight face is amazing. Also, I'm not sure why he's and (the woman) are in this movie. Faced with galactic annihilation from the Borg Necromongers a race of zealot converts, prophecy dictates that the future of the universe is in the hands of one man: a convict on the run (Vin Diesel).

Riddick is in fine form for this sci-fi action flick (apart from the crazy wig at the start) as he ventures from world to world stirring up trouble as he does. The CGI is good as are the set pieces but it is the Necromongers who let this film down. I'm not sure they themselves (the extras) know what they are supposed to be other than "barbarian raiders".

That's a lot of axe heads... afraid you'll miss?

Also their whole motto of "you keep what you kill" is riddickulous (yes I used that word) and it just feels like they were thrown together from a bunch of half baked ideas. At least the final fight is sort of cool? Still, didn't need Karl Urban. So far this is the weakest of the Riddick movies, and I give it two and a half boob shots out of five.

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