Sunday 9 September 2018

Eador: Warriors are Terrible

[Part of the Masters of Eador story.]

Since the current masters aren't openly evil, Nesturs decides to attack a small unclaimed land next for the pure purpose of testing the warrior hero Irthorn, who is so slow to achieve pretty much anything. Fortunately the only competition here is Oinor's own warrior Farien who is also very hesitant to go into direct combat, and instead focuses on killing quest givers (meaning Irthorn's quests autofail).

Top left: Irthorn attacking Farien's citadel.
Bottom Right: Farien afraid to move.

Despite the snail's pace, Irthorn does find a lead about one of the 7 keys "being on a land of the dead"  and saves a woman from being trapped in the body of a phoenix. He eventually reches Oinor's citadel and manages to trap Farien in a corner territory while he lays siege to the castle. It is a difficult fight against middling opponents, but Irthorn eventually claims victory.

Nesturs makes a note not to use any more warrior heroes in the future.

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