Saturday 22 September 2018

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Hunting the most dangerous prey.

This French film follows a knight (Samuel Le Bihan) and his native American companion (Mark Dacascos) as they hunt the beast of Gevaudan. Story wise, from a high enough point, it is good - as are the martial arts action segments and the beast (when it eventually shows up). That said there are a lot of issues with it too, the main one being pacing.

Who the heck wrote this?

Especially at the start - it just drags. Too many characters with speaking lines and weak actors who don't need to be there, an unnecessary love story subplot involving strange facial expressions, and general filler. Yep. It's like they have a good movie, but said "we need x more minutes" and just piled it on with lousy content which is a pity.

Not one I can really recommend but if you are feeling in the mood for a B grade foreign semi-action film this one might take your liking. I give it one and a half agents of Rome out of five.

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