Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Projects and Journals

Welcome to my "new" projects and journals page! I decided it needed a reboot after the photobucket burn, but all my previous ones are still available here.

My little library of "books" regarding my in-game experiences and adventures.
The date beside each is when it was last updated. :)

The Cursed [ongoing]
BattleTech [20 Nov 2018]
Shadowrun Chronicles [20 Oct 2018]
Masters of Eador [20 Sep 2018]
The Direbug Saga [12 Mar 2018]
Fate of Heroes [14 Dec 2017]

Here is a repository of links to my (and my guild mates) creative works online. Really should work on putting more of my stuff out there.

Gallery Works (a place for drawings)
The Design Folder (thoughts about game creation)
Night Time View (Lyv's Youtube Music Channel)
Neverwinter Online Foundry: The Demon Lord of Gnolls (by Dragonlord)
The Forge of Winter (Neverwinter Foundry Creations)
The Golem City (youtube novel preview by Timothy Andrews)
Mabinogi: Ferghus Commercial (youtube)
Dragonarm Chronicles Chapter 1 (flash)
Tribute to Equilibrium (flash)
Dragonarm Chapter 1 (Neverwinter Nights module by Dragonlord)
Random posts tagged with "Art"

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