Tuesday, 29 August 2017

NWO: The Demon Lord of Gnolls

Hi all! For those who play Neverwinter Online, my brother has spent a long time working on this foudnry quest and is looking to get more plays and feedback.

It's called "The Demon Lord of Gnolls" [NW-DGC43C4KM] by @DragonlordDrm.

Just as a heads up, it is a pretty long adventure so either have an hour or so free to tackle it or plan on hitting each area over the course of a few days. There's an exit door next to the mini-map that lets you do that - which is also handy for resetting an area if needed (might be needed in zone 3 in particular).

Lots of hard work went into these custom maps!

There is also a fair bit of reading and a few jumping bits involved so fair warning! Hopefully you all like it! :)


  1. Boy, Yeenoghu sure takes me back to my youth. I preferred Orcus, but Yeenoghu was one of those demon lords I would have totally set a high level party after.

    1. Would the high level party have survived? :P

      You'll be pleased to know that Orcus currently features in two of NWO's dungeons. Baphomet, Demogorgon and Tiamat also are in game. If you needed to pick which of those which "should" be the hardest to fight, which one would you pick? :D