Monday, 7 November 2022

Voidstar: Warframe-128

"To all of you racing to that signal of promise... that siren song echoing in the black, remember that the promise of power, wealth and glory are just as strong as the promise of freedom. Somethin's out there, Dreamers. Somethin' nasty. Nora can feel it. Watch your back." -Nora Night

Since I haven't written for awhile I thought I'd get some practice in with this, which doubles as a 128 bracket tournament for most of the "named" characters in Warframe (simply using the =Rand() operator in excel to organize brackets). While I will lightly check on stats and such for this exercise I'm also removing some invulnerabilities to make the matches slightly more fair. Despite that, prepare to disagree with most of this fictional narrative! :P 

An Explosive Landing
Helpless Hyenas
Acolytes Down
Kahl Fight Good
Sargas Ruk vs Alad V
Clem vs John Prodman
Dhurnam vs Little Duck
Warframes Executioners
Angel vs Eidolon
The Queen of Rathuum
Nihil vs Teshin
The Winner

This tournament and story has concluded, thank you for reading!

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